Regional Education Project

Regional Education in Common European Culture and Education

The project "Regional Education in Common European Culture and Education" was created thanks to the cooperation of 6 technical high schools from Poland, France, Romania, Portugal, Croatia and Turkey.
The coordinator is a school from Poland.

The topic is related to the development of cultural, social, language and IT competences for raising awareness of the role of education through culture in the modern world. The idea is about a deeper look at regional education, creative exploration of close spaces and preparation of educational materials extending the core curriculum in humanities (native languages, history, English, knowledge of culture and art) to include regional education. We think that our idea is worth developing for vocational schools as well as for general ones.

The main goals also include: We will focus on activities:
  1. Exploring and discovering 6 regions: Silesia in Poland, Nouvelle Acquitaine in France, Central Croatia in Croatia, Buzau Region in Romania, Alentejo in Portugal, Aegean Region in Turkey
  2. Practical activities
  3. Exchange of good practices
  4. School partners in the area of task implementation are most often museums, local authorities, and community centers.
During the 2 years we have planned: Topics of 6 international meetings include the above activities and are focused around:
  1. Creative Learning about Regional Education
  2. Traditional Costumes and Accessories
  3. Regional Dances and Music
  4. Old Professions and Fassions, Forgotten Objects
  5. Traditional and Regional Food
  6. Rituals at Birth, Wedding, Funeral
Our methodology include:
  1. organization of trips, conversations with educators, cultural experts, local artists and craftsmen
  2. participation in creative workshops: learning regional dances, songs, cooking traditional dishes
  3. searching for information from various sources
  4. creating themed posters; filming movies, interviews, lesson plans Konkurs wniosków 2020, Runda 1, KA2 Współpraca na rzecz innowacji i wymiany dobrych praktyk KA229 - Projekty Współpracy szkół
  5. Numer identyfikacyjny formularza: KA229-465B87B5 Termin z łożenia (czas brukselski, Belgia) 2020-04-23 12:00:00 PL 3 / 209
  6. conferences and seminars on regional education, exhibitions of work, local events, meetings with representatives of educational and educational authorities of cities that we want to interest in the topic of introducing regional education to teaching
  7. learn the teaching methodology of other partner countries, observe learning methods, manage activities and larger projects, manage groups of students during mobilities abroad, develop cohesive strategies to overcome school issues, have an enhanced role in their school and a good image.

The results will be prepared in 6 national languages and in English. We create innovation by expanding the didactic base:

e-Book "REG", scenarios of regional education lessons, exhibitions of works created during the workshops, e-dictionary in 7 languages, e-Twinning project website, themed posters, project website with materials in 6 national and English languages, films on the channel YouTube.

Thanks to the project, participants will integrate with the local community, develop the system of values, a sense of life certainty and security. They will learn to function in their own environment, as well as to be truly open to other communities and cultures.

They will acquire knowledge about the world and its role in it. We want them to notice problems and ways of solving them, be able to organize work (individually, in a group), express their own opinions and discuss, express themselves in various forms.

The main task of regional education is to enrich the curriculum content with new elements of knowledge, which ultimately contribute to learning about your own cultural heritage.

Long-term impact of the project is expected. By the end of the project, nearly 5.000 students, teachers and local stakeholders, authorities in partner countries will be given chance to remember our ancient values and be more aware of taking action about safeguarding the cultural heritages of Europe.

The innovation will be possible to be used by teachers from 6 countries and Europe interested in the subject of teaching regional education, as well as teachers of culture, English, leading interest groups. The materials will be available on the project website, Project Results Platform Erasmus +, in Twinspace, on the school websites.

We have planned various channels for project dissemination and promotion...